2nd July 2024

Narendra Tomar

Associate Director


Bio: With an impressive career spanning over 18 years, Narendra Tomar has carved a niche for himself in the IT industry, specializing in Portfolio and Program Management, Business Continuity Management, and Service Delivery. His expertise extends to leading cross-functional teams through the intricacies of Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid methodologies, ensuring excellence in Quality Management, Budgeting, and Technology Solutions.

Narendra’s profound knowledge and in-depth understanding of diverse domains have been honed through his valuable experiences at leading organizations such as PwC, HSBC, IBM, Cognizant, and CoreCard. His work in Investment and Retail Banking, Financial Services, Regulatory Reporting (BASEL ACCORDS II & III), Liquidity Risk, SWIFT Messages (Payment Messaging System), and ISO20022, showcases his versatile and dynamic ability to navigate through complex industry challenges.

A persuasive communicator, Narendra excels in relationship management, capable of connecting with individuals at every level of business and management. His leadership skills are evidenced by his successful management of programs and projects with budgets exceeding 15 million Euros. His business and technology acumen are pivotal in his problem-solving approach, allowing him to manage large, geographically dispersed teams effectively.

Narendra’s leadership is transformative, focusing on achieving common goals through enterprising and skillful team management. His implementation of Lean & Agile principles has significantly increased team deliverable velocity by 35% while achieving a 65% reduction in waste. His extensive experience in managing the enterprise IT program/project lifecycle, from requirements definition through to maintenance, underscores his capability in B2B and B2C solution implementations.

Recognized for his project management prowess, Narendra expertly handles project lifecycle facets, including scope management, time/cost estimation, and performance monitoring. His balance of technical knowledge with workforce management has led to the successful leadership of goal-focused, result-oriented teams. Narendra’s collaborative spirit extends beyond his immediate team, engaging with peers across the industry to foster innovation and drive success.

A dedicated professional and visionary leader, Narendra Tomar continues to inspire and influence the IT sector, pushing the boundaries of technology and management to achieve new heights of success.