2nd July 2024, Bangalore, India

Entry Process

  • There are a number of entries allowed per category – the actual number of entries depends on the popularity of each category.
  • A category or categories will be allocated to the most relevant judge based on their job function, experience, and/or request.
  • Each judge is asked to score each entry based on the strict criteria set.
  • In order to make it through to the finals a minimum score must be achieved – if the minimum score is not reached the journey ends for that particular entry/company.
  • The top two highest scoring entries per category, go through to judging day where all the judges share their two entries, and they vote as a collective who the winner is.
  • There is no requirements for companies to physically attend the judging day
Detailed discussion of project goals, importance, achievements and successful resultsDemonstration of cutting edge and fit-for-purpose technology was correctly and effectively usedIllustration of training and upskilling team & working closely with stakeholders to deliver the project on time and within budgetEvidence and evaluation of overcoming project
Evidence of commitment to promoting diversity and creating an inclusive culture in the project team
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Marks out of 5/5/5/5/5/5/ 30