2nd July 2024

Rajkumar Gell

Rajkumar Gell

Head of Cyber Security Test & QA

Standard Chartered Bank


“Rajkumar Gell currently leads Testing & Quality Assurance for Cyber Security Services at Standard Chartered Bank. With over 25 years in the industry, he consistently demonstrates an interest in elevating Security & Quality as key drivers of business success, strategically embedding them throughout the entire life cycle. Rajkumar established Testing Capabilities from the ground up, led Test Consulting Services, and managed aspects such as End-to-End Software Development, Software Process Improvements (Capability Maturity Models), and Auditing for both Information Security Management Systems and Quality Management Systems, along with overseeing Cybersecurity Operations.

As a perpetual learner, Rajkumar not only focuses on his own development but also influences those around him to embrace continuous learning. He has also supervised a PhD thesis, showcasing his interest in research