2nd July 2024

Shubha Lokeshaiah

Head Of Engineering


Bio: Shubha loves solving problems using current technologies and is very passionate about conceptualising, implementing, building teams and finally ensuring that the concept can scale to ensure business growth.

Shubha has over 22+ years of experience and has exposure to multiple roles, from being involved in defining the strategy to Heading IT Delivery to Sales and Pre-Sales (technology and functional) to leading a team and also as a developer.

Shubha currently leads the Connected Products Engineering division at Bosch, and is responsible for building IoT products for the global customer she is also responsible for managing strategic partnership with multiple providers for cloud, networks and other IoT ecosystem partners.  Shubha has also been able to scale the business from 100K USD to about $5Million USD in revenue, and on the people front the team has grown to 80+ people.